Tuesday, March 16, 2010

James Cameron's Avatar The Game Review

Platform: PC
Genre: Action

So, James Cameron made a new movie. The movie got a huge publicity campaign. That's one reason for me not to rush to see it. Days passed, the game was out. A few more days passed, I started hearing stuff about people commiting suicide after seeing the movie.

After saving a bit of money, I was on my way to the cinema, to see what was so special about it (apart from the visual effects). Some hours later, eyes strained from the 3D-glasses I was going home and thinking ... "I wasn't expecting much from from the story but it surprised me", and yeah it was special (not in the "sorry my son is chewing on your shoe, he's a bit special") and enjoyable.

So, why not give the game a shot ?

The game is kinda of a prequel to the movie. After you choose your ... dude or chick you land on Pandora where you get to do some missions to find out who the mole is. From here on the game splits into two campaign: human campaign and Na'vi campaign. Also it creates a save point so you can start the other campaign (after you chose one) from this point on.

The game has a RPG feel to it. You get XP and when you leveled the game gives you new armor/weapons/skills. Also, on every map there are some side-missions. These missions vary from exploration to destroying a number of things.

Playing as a Na'vi is a lot of fun, you are granted melee weapons and bow's/crossbow's. You get XP from killing humans and their structures and from missions. Also you can restock your arrows from plants scattered around the world. Also you get to ride almost any animal in the game.

On the other side, humans get vehicles, lots of them, even the big dragoon from the movie and are rewarded xp from killing .... well ... almost anything.

There's not much to say about the game, it's fun, it looks nice, it has a full 3d support, and the two campaigns are different enough to keep you entertained for about 50 hours (if you do all of the "sidequests").

Of course, it stay on the idea from the movie, human-way .... BAAAAD, but the only thing I didn't like is that, as a Na'vi you get to be another Turok Mak'to and acording to the moovie there was only one... two with the protagonist :P. Also the side-missions get repetitve after a while and in both campaigns (although on different maps) you get to do the same thing.

the bad: can get repetitive, few maps where you can use "flying-mounts"
the good: looks nice, playing as a Na'vi can give you a nice feeling lol

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  1. in the movie it says there was 5 na'vi that had a turok mak'to