Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alan Wake Review

Platform: xbox360
Genre: thriller, horror survival

The player heard about a new game called Alan wake. It was a game promising a new tweak to the horror-survival gameplay. It also promised a captivating story just like one of Stephen king's novels.

On a rainy day of May the game was released and the player rushed to get it.

...suddenly I awoke on the couch and the game finished installing ... I reached out for the controller and turned off the light. It was late at night and I was struggling to progress. I had my controller and i was runningi low on battery. I reached for a new set. They weren't there ...

... hours passed and all I had was this foggy world where I had to relly on Alan's flashlight and the weapons he had collected. I helped him find the pages he was collecting but I missed a few. The creepiness has faded away because the camera kept showing me when the creeps appeared. But I was amazed of the scenery although it kept following the same pattern ... The forest ...

The story kept the player tied to the screen ... He tried to escape rhe temptation but he failed ... miserably. He couldn't always predict what was going to happen. He will never expect a rockstage all fired up to mix up the monster killing with the glorious power of metal ...

One thing kept ruining the cinematic experience of the player. He kept seeing how the lips wheren't in sync with what he was hearing. But he didn't care that much because the game has delievered. It didn't deliver much but it was a very ok release after all ... The player had it ... He had his driving sections, collectibles and a great deal of story and armosfhere ...

... The reader now notices he ended reading this short review ... He walks away ... Unaware of what is happening in Bright Falls

Baku: Alan Wake was a very refreshing experience in the vortex of bad or boring horror games. Not many games have really managed to get me immersed in the experience as this one did, enough that I finished it in a single session (while COma was next to me trying not to get scared as horror games sometimes have that effect on him) which does not happen very often.
The story was very engrossing for me and it's pacing was spot on. The way you found out what happened in the past from the novel pages you find lying around was great and Alan's struggle to find his wife in a town that seemed to become darker and creepier as time went on was brilliant.
As far as gameplay goes the mechanic of using light to weaken enemies was interesting and the game always gave me just enough resources to keep me tensed up which is just what I was expecting so kudos to the developers.
I didn't follow this game much before launch but I had a very pleasant surprise and all in all it's one of the best horror survival games I've played in a while and frankly I'm just waiting for a sequel to explain more about the dark force that inhabits Bright Falls though some things may be better left unexplained.


  1. Too many dots. You are a terrible, TERRIBLE, writer. You should work on that.

  2. well i tried to make it like different manuscript pages from the game