Thursday, June 7, 2012

DLC Quest Review

Platform: MAC
Genre: indie

After dozens of grey-shooters, crawling through corridor after corridor, spending hundreds of hours going through thick woods looking for that mysterious cave in RPG's, driving lighting fast avoiding traffic and winning races, finding all hidden packages in sandbox games or just killing Diablo for the dozenth time ... you might need a game to unwrinkle your forehead (actually ... you might need to close you PC/console and go outside ... without any handheld).

A long time I played this game on Kongregate called "Upgrade everything". It was a cool game where you could upgrade everything including the menu/graphics/sounds and so on. I found it very catchy and though of a doing a clone at some point. Well the guys from Going Loud Studios beat me to it .. and came up with a XBLIG game called DLC Quest. 

You are the good guy and have to save the princess from the Bad Guy (that's his name). The game is a 2d-platformer where you have to get coins. But your progress is coming to a stop pretty soon since you have to get the DLC required to go further. And then the other ... and the other. Of course this a witty satire at today gaming industry and you pay the DLC's with the coins you collect. THe DLC wary from horse armor (wink-wink Bethesda) to the ability to go left, sound and so on. I can't say more without spoiling much of the game. The sad part is that the game is way too short. I went through it while my girlfriend took a shower. But it's a lot of fun in a small package. The dialogs and sign-posts are great. It also bursts with references from Final Fantasy to Mass Effect. 

Being the game that it is I cannot say much more about it, only that it was the best 1 euro something I spent in a while and it will make your day. Oh yeah, it has 10 awardments (achievements). Go catch'em all.

the bad: it's short ... it might need a DLC :p
the good: the game as a whole

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