Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Forza Horizon Demo Review

Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Racing

Since I'm saving up for a major upgrade on ye Old PC, I didn't get anything new lately. Also my to finish list is crowded with many lenghty RPG's I just lack the time to play properly at this very moment., so I went for a relaxing drive in Forza 4. While failing miserably trying to drift glamorous like a swan I remembered that Forza Horizon is coming out soon. After a quick search on the availability of the game at local stores and it's prices, I went on and downloaded the DEMO to see a bit of the game.

If you followed the game, you should probably know that it's taking a different route than the Forza Motorsport series. Instead of racing on normal real-life tracks, you have a open-world Test Drive Unlimited kinda experience revolving around a music festival.

As a DEMO, is actually pretty good since it gives you a insight in the new stuff introduced into the game, like off-road racing some world events and a special event. You can participate in 4 races, 2 being at behind the wheel of a Dodge Viper mainly point A to B, a off-road race with a Mitsubishi Lancer and a special event called Mustang vs. Mustang which is a race between a Mustang Boss and a Mustang airplane.

It's also nice that they opened a bit of map for exploring, where you can crash some discount gates and whoosh through some speed radars. I wont go much on other aspects of the game (graphics, sound, gameplay since those are reserved for the full-game review) but I will say that yes, they are good and the driving simulation with assists off is well-made enough (like the previous forzas actually) that  it kept me a in front of my TV a while just racing and swirling through traffic listening to the radio stations.

As a closing note, I can't wait to get my hands on the game. It might be the new Test Drive Unlimited for me (the first one kept me playing for years). It might not have the same exotic feeling like Honolulu or Ibiza ... but Colorado can also throw some cool scenery at you. And I think the car selection will be awesome and extensive, especially after a zillion DLC's (it already has a car-pack on the xbox live store).

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