Thursday, June 4, 2009

Starcraft (the Boardgame)

Platform: Your own livingroom/floor
Genre: Boardgame

Finally me and Baku got this boardgame. We waited for a long time to see how it is. The first problem we encountered on this epic journey was the high price. After solving this little incovenience, we rushed to the mall and got a huge beautifully colored box. We took a cab home. On the way we couldn't erase the big grins on our faces.

After washing our hands and decontamaniting the area we opened the box. A green-ish fluid started pouring out and ... wait wrong story. A awesome smell of "new" came out. We started opening the bags with the beautifully modeled pieces and cutting out the rest of the pieces we needed for the game. At first we were amazed by the sheer number of different pieces the game had to offer.

We took the liberty of trying to guess the rules, but then we turned to the rule-book. 
5 hours and 2 pacs of ciggaretes later we knew the basisc and how to start the game... at least.

Now, more than two weeks later, we can proudly say that we know how to play the game. Of course we had a little bit of help from people who already played the game before.
At the start of the game you choose a faction you play, represanted by a.... representant
(disclaimer: this phrase was not meant to make any sense). So, you have two representants for each race from the original PC game (Zerg, Terran, Protoss). After choosing your side you get to choose your starting planets, and you have to link your planet to another existing planet on your map. Anyway there a lot of rules and very complex.

Generally speaking, while playing you will have the opportunity to build more bases on other planets, buils and army, upgrade or build buildings, research new technologies, attack another player or just advance with your army. There is a Event card deck, from where players will draw cards under certain circumstances.

The winning conditions are numerous. Players can win by having the most Conquest points, by fullfilling theyr special victory condition or by killling every other player on the map.

This game, although it's complex, is extremely fun. It consists of a lot of situations, where you have to backstab even your best friend so you can achieve victory in the end. Imagine that you bought the game and a figurine was broken. After throwing away almost 100 euros on this one, you start feeling sad, but then you have a bit of glue and a idea and you fix the broken figurine. After a while a friend comes over to play, and you show him the broken figurine, he doesn't see it, but you tell him " watch out, there is a broken one, take care !", and then he victoriously pulls another figurine from beneath him and says "Oh, you mean this one ??" And then, while still pointing at the one on the map... you hear that devilish sound "I'll kill you !!", but still the expression on your face and on the other players faces that know about the only figurine broken is priceless. The only thing you can do, is to say "no problem, I'll fix it" and move on with the game.


Whatever you do, after you get over the twisted manual and the rules, you will have a lot of fun with your friends playing this game.

the bad: Pretty hard to learn by the rulebook
the good: Fun, it's never the same map, it's never the same game

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