Friday, February 11, 2011

Project Hysteria Review

Platform: iPhone
Genre: adventure/puzzle

So, after getting the new iPhone 4 I looked into my wallet and it was ... of course ... empty. I started looking for full games. After "finishing" most of them (at least to the point I needed to buy the rest of the game) i started to dig to find something worth it.

At a first glance Project Hysteria seemed like a good one. A simple scary adventure game. Now, after completion I dunno what to review out of it.

The story ? ... it starts with you, the player, tied up in aabandoned shed giving your first twochoices: to start freeing yourself or to wait a bit more. This is the one major gameplay component of the whole game. You see a nice first-person cinematic and then you get to choose your next move. Now, the cinematics are pretty well made (actually all the producers needed were a good camera and a forest).


m time to time you get to a puzzle or to a short minigame of tap-the-branch-to-go-forward, but they get annoying and repetitive very quick. Also a skip cutscene or something like that would've been very useful cause sometimes the autosave point is two cutscenes away ... and you have to see the whole thing again.

All theese been said the game is worth it ... nice video, nice audio and a awesome trailer for Project Hysteria 2 (which is not free of course) with much more puzzles.

I forgot to mention that you can beat the game iin 20 minutes.

the bad: too short
the good: free, a second one is coming

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