Thursday, February 17, 2011

Test Drive Unlimited Review

Platform: PC
Genre: racing

There are a few games that stoof the test of time on my HDD like Diablo 2 (because it was addictive), GTA Vice City (I was modding it), TES Morrowind (because it was huge + lots of fans making awesome mods), Gothic 2 Night of the Raven (best game ever) and Test Drive Unlimited. I got the came when it released but I couldn't play it for like 2-3 months because I had to upgrade my PC.

When I started playing it the first time (I made 3-4 playthroughs both online or offline) it was just awesome. You are flown to Oahu, one of Hawaii's islands and after you loan a car you get to buy your first house and car. The game invites youto do races, cruise around the map alone or with other players and to do secondary missions.

After completing races or secondary missions you earn credits wich are used to buy new cars or houses. The cars are separated into groups from G to A depending on how good they are. Also some races are restricted to car groups or car makers. Bored of racing ? The game gives you lots of alternative stuff to do like getting hitchhikers to their destination in time, taking a car from point A to point B without scratching it or delivering a package in time. Some of theese give you coupons which you can use to buy your avatar clothes.

But the awesomes of this game is te feeling it gives you. You can totally imerse yourself in your favorite car on the roads of Oahu. Dashboard-cam, fine radios (plus the possibity to add to up to 4 custom radios), total simulation and two different manual gearboxes is everything you need to fully enjoy cruising. And if you play on-line, you can meet other players on the road and can challenge them to races. Also, in multyplayer mode you can buy clubs or be invited to join a club another player created (somewhat like guilds in MMORPG's). I have to mention the classic music raio-station because there is a interesting feel given to driving like a maniac on a motorcicle (yes, the game has them too) while listening to Mozart.

So, I have to say that this is/was a epic game and I just got Test Drive Unlimited 2 (to be reviewed) which I hope will be even greater. Also there is a great MODing community constantly making new car models for the game.

the bad: I'll have to think about it
the good: Awesome free-roam experience, variety of cars

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