Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition Review

Platform: PC
Genre: RPG

So after making a awesome job on Gothic 3, making the game more than playable, the community patch team was hired by JoWood to do the same thing for the expansion pack (or so the rumor goes). Now I retried the game and I have to say I'm very pleased with their work. I haven't encountered any bug till the end of the game. No quest bugs, no floating trees (maybe there are some, but I didn't check every tree in the game).

So CPT made the game more then playable and now I finished it and I can review it properly. The story follows Gothic 3's "go to the unknown lands with xardas" ending (the best one in my opinion). So far so good right ? Yes but this is where the Gothic story I know and like ends. Once in the Unknown Lands, the nameless guy and Xardas have an argument over human's capacity to protect themselves and the land. And here the Nameless Hero "dies". The producers decided to make a drastic change in the main characters behavior. Bad move. Now, our beloved pony-tail-wearer feels like all humans are weaklings and he is the only one man-enough to do something right. After coming back to the land of Myrtana he finds Gorn fighting Thorus for no apparent reason.

The land of Myrtana is almost the way we left it, except

that Varant and Nordmar are completely blocked and maybe a temple/fence/neighborhood spawned in some places. The quests are interesting and kinda diverse (although some are weird), but the annoying part is that from a point on you get to run between cities for stupid reasons. Like... you have to find a replacement for a guard in Montera but the only place you find one is in Cape Dun (and then you have to escort him back).

The only weird thing is that Myrtana kinda lost it's appeal ... I didn't find the least desire to explore a cave or anything if I didn't have to. Also the new producers added a lot of new armors and items that kinda don't fit the universe. Also from a point on the game offers different ways (so you can end up in jail at some point or not ... and many other choices) but the ending is the same. Another weird thing is that 3 quarters of the game (even more) is about Gorn and Thorus and the [maybe spoiler alert] big new menace ... blabla... is introduced with 3 quests (or so) before the end. And just like in Gothic 3 ... you get a lot of learning points that you'll just look at (opposite of Gothic 1 and 2 ... when I never had enough). I did encounter one "bug" (if you can call it that) but it was pretty helpful. The last ... let's call it boss has a summoning ability. So after getting my butt kicked a lot of times I tried to summon my own Golem to help. Of course in a few minutes I was running like a scared kid (and drinking potions on the way, you can still enter your inventory and

nothing will attack you) when I got the quest completed message ... the bosses summons killed him somehow ... AWESOME.

So yes, the community patch team made a unplayable game ... playable. The game can be finished now without any bugged quests or anything and is worth it (if you're not considering it has Gothic in it's name).

the bad: it's a Gothic 
the good: a nice enjoyable casual RPG (if you're not considering it has Gothic in it's name)

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